Imagine Feeling Well Again — Anna’s Story

Exploring all possibilities and alternatives for natural health and wellness treatments

Anna’s discovery of homeopathy is a familiar path taken by so many new to Homeopathy. You are not alone in your search to find answers for health concerns for yourself, your children, your family. In 1995, Anna’s 7-year-old daughter led the way to Homeopathy. Running out of options to find a healthcare solution that would help her daughter with a serious illness using conventional medicine and treatment, Anna turned to alternative medicine — she discovered a clinic that specialized in Homeopathic Medicine.

Examining all the details and information of your complete health history

To Anna’s surprise, the Homeopathic Practitioner cared about her daughter’s whole story — every detail. Explaining her daughter’s symptoms and her overall medical history, food sensitivities, sleep, energy level, digestion, appetite and even her personality, a homeopathic medicine was prescribed. Anna was impressed.

Patiently treating symptoms with an individualized plan

During the course of treatment designed specifically for Anna’s daughter, symptoms started to improve. Finally, her daughter was feeling well again. Seeing a homeopathic medicine provide such relief to her daughter, Anna was inspired to look even more closely at Homeopathy. As a professional engineer, Anna had always viewed situations with a critical eye. Homeopathy was not going to be any different.


Embracing a brand new career with Homeopathic Medicine

Anna had become completely passionate about the benefits of Homeopathy. After doing extensive research on exactly how homeopathy had helped her daughter and many more people worldwide, Anna decided to renew her commitment for her future — she decided to invest her time into a brand new career and become a Homeopath. Graduating in 1999, Anna has never looked back and is continually energized by the art and science of Homeopathy.

Professional Credentials

2015-2016 Serving on Board of Directors of Ontario Homeopathic Assoc.
2015 Professional Member of College of Homeopath
1999 Professional Member Ontario Homeopathic Assoc.
1999 Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Science
1982 Electrical Engineer, Moscow College of Electrical Engineering

Gentle and effective treatments help you feel well again

Homeopathy treats a variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions naturally


Homeopathic Consultations and Treatments


Computerized Allergy Testing and Allergy Treatments



Comprehensive lab tests available

  • Parasitology
  • GI microbiology
  • Toxic (heavy metals) and essential elements (minerals) hair/urine analysis

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