Health Conditions Treated

Anna Berger has treated a wide variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions for children and adults using Homeopathic Medicine. By discussing all of the symptoms for each patient’s case, Anna is able to determine the appropriate Homeopathic Remedy for chronic and acute conditions. Depending on the circumstances, individual treatment time varies from person to person. Anna specializes in the following conditions which can be effectively treated with Homeopathic Medicine:

Gentle and effective treatments help you feel well again

Homeopathy treats a variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions naturally


Homeopathic Consultations and Treatments


Computerized Allergy Testing and Allergy Treatments



Comprehensive lab tests available

  • Parasitology
  • GI microbiology
  • Toxic (heavy metals) and essential elements (minerals) hair/urine analysis

Have Questions?

Email your questions to Anna with a description of your condition, symptoms or concerns. She will be happy to assist you and send you a reply email as promptly as possible. 

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